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  1. Review of McDowell from OnlineBookClub.org
    Can a person’s identity be defined by his success? The actions of his children? Can one grievous transgression destroy years of work in building a name?
    I give this book a 4 out of 4 stars. What I liked most about the book is the character development- in the main character, but also the supporting ones. I could see the attitude and outlook of the characters changing throughout the story, reflected in their thoughts and actions. This transformation raises questions. Do money, prestige, and power change people? Is blood really thicker than water? Is one’s predisposition to certain character traits a product of the environment, or more driven by genes? Is a crime ever justifiable?
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  2. Review of McDowell from OnlineBookClub.org
    Coles does an excellent job in blending the different characters and their stories together to create a cohesive storyline and makes the differing opinions and views evident through varied diction and thought descriptions when we are reading the story through a different character’s mindset. The clarity of writing makes it so that the reader does not get lost in what can be a wearying experience of remembering which character is which and what they think, etc. The development of each character is done nicely as well. Coles’ smoothly interjects character descriptions into each situation in a natural way as opposed to a forced long-winded paragraph on what the character looks like, how they are, etc. This isn’t an easy skill, either, which adds to the credibility of Coles as a seasoned writer.
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  3. Review of McDowell from OnlineBookClub.org
    On the surface, this book doesn’t seem very complex, but as the story progresses, the author reveals a lot of information. Although there are many details in this book, it can be considered fast-paced. It is jam-packed with different scene changes, plot twists, and conflicts between characters. Some of these components may be hard to keep up with. If you have trouble following a plot that has multiple scene/character changes or is constantly introducing new information, I would not recommend this book.
    Coles did an amazing job when he wrote McDowell. The entire story is planned out to the last detail and it is obvious that he took a lot of time and effort when writing this book.
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  4. Review of McDowell from OnlineBookClub.org
    Coles does a very good job in analyzing the characters in the book. I really like that Coles went into detail about each characters’ thoughts. I have never read a book whereas the author would go into detail about the characters’ thoughts. I thought that was really awesome. I felt like I was actually seeing what they were thinking.
    I really enjoyed this book. There was always a surprise and a bit of a shock every time I would turn the page. If you’re like me and love books that have a lot of drama and suspense, then this is the book for you. I would give this book a 4 out of 4 stars.
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  5. Review from OnlineBookClub.org
    After reading McDowell, I have found that the novel is best summarized by Maude’s idoneous words to Hiram: “People content in themselves learn to give selflessly, without concern for personal gain, to learn the joy of being human.” This novel will, if nothing else, prompt conversations around the important topics alluded to within its 472 pages. Parts of McDowell caused personal reflection and consideration of others in the world; therefore, I enjoyed reading it.
    I rate McDowell by William H. Cole 4 out of 4 stars. I observed no grammatical errors while reading; thus, I believe this novel was edited professionally. One of the best parts of this novel, in my opinion, was the emotion the author was able to elicit from me when reading.
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  6. Review of McDowell from OnlineBookClub.org
    The story is effectively portrayed; the reader wants to experience what is coming next. There is no lack of plot. The author capitalizes on a terrible life-changing tragedy to transform McDowell’s circumstances utterly. The second part of the story explores how McDowell’s changed circumstances impinge on McDowell, the man; he is angry, and he needs to record his daily life to relieve tension and he wants to write his memoirs to one day proves his innocence. Hiram meets his equal in stubbornness and intransigence. Does Hiram desire redemption?
    McDowell is quite a page-turner; the story has life, good characterization. It asks questions about morality, ethics, immigration, journalism, fund-raising, family relationships, and politics. I enjoyed it very much. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars for its in-depth study of the characters; it’s a comprehensive and well-rounded story and its an excellent survey of life in the wilderness.
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  7. McDowell by William H. Coles is a family saga that follows the life of a selfish and arrogant surgeon, who suffers an epic fall from grace, and the path he travels to redemption. McDowell cares for no one but his children. But then he loses everything when his grandson commits multiple murders and fails in his suicide attempt, which leaves him paralyzed mentally. But the boy dies in very unusual circumstances and McDowell gets a conviction for second-degree murder. He is jailed. Now watch as he escapes and lives as a fugitive, pursued by the authorities and a reporter who is just too eager to interview him before the police catch up with him. Watch as he learns the virtues of humanity the hard way, by taking a path trodden by those he despised when he was powerful and rich. It’s a story that follows a man’s transformation, and his somewhat spiritual odyssey to a life that has meaning.

    William H. Coles has created a compelling character in McDowell, a character forced to embrace the essence of humanity by harsh circumstances. Can he really find redemption? It is fascinating how the character evoked powerful emotions in me and how those emotions evolved as I read on. At the beginning of the story, I detested this character, but his inner journey brought me around and, instead of a sense of revulsion for the man he was, I learned to look at him with sympathy. Here is a story that is character-driven and that explores what is essential in human nature. It is a story that is filled with powerful lessons while entertaining readers hugely. I was completely drawn into the dynamics of the story and read through it non stop. Great story, awesome characters, impeccable plot lines.

    Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

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