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  1. Review from OnlineBookClub.org
    I enjoyed reading about the politics in the book. It was fun as I tried to guess the next move of some characters. Their unpredictability made the book realistic. Every character had a role to play and wasn’t just used as filler. The book was easy to comprehend. I loved reading about Hiram’s climbing experiences. Hiram’s best trait was his love for his children.
    I found no errors in the book, which indicates that it was well-edited. I happily give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I wish to see this book adapted into a movie. I think it would make for a great blockbuster. I recommend this book to lovers of mystery and crime novels. Read the entire review here…

  2. Review from OnlineBookClub.org
    I enjoyed reading this fictional novel. It was captivating and fun. One of the things I love about this book is the moral lesson I got from it. These lessons are practical. I went back to think about my life and critically examine my actions with my friends, colleagues and family members after reading this book. Another feature I like about this book is the author’s style of writing. He wrote this book with great skill and dexterity. The character development was brilliant. I could easily picture the character in my imagination. Another interesting feature about this book is the plot development. I was never bored at any point in time while reading this book. I also find this book to be professionally edited. I did not notice any typographical or grammatical errors while reading it. Read the entire review here…

  3. Review from OnlineBookClub.org
    Coles’ character development was so masterful that I legitimately despised the protagonist and that may be why I felt so challenged to continue reading early on in the novel. McDowell reminded me of so many old affluent, arrogant, white men I have met through my life. It made me remember how I felt in those encounters and how those men talked down to me. It was so visceral it made my stomach churn.
    I am glad I persevered because it was worth the journey. Too often these men of esteem masquerade as humanitarians, when in truth they lack soul and empathy. Their accomplishments they collect like souvenirs just so they can exchange them for some title that grants them even more power and money. They do the unconscionable to serve their own desires and Hiram was just such a man. Coles definitely gained a fan in me. The layers of the story revealed Hiram was not as he first appeared. Hiram experiences change and growth and as a reader I went right along on that journey with him. Humans are complex beings constantly growing and changing because of the people they meet and the experiences they have, Hiram is no different.
    Every single person is going through something and this holds true be it our “Skip the Dishes” driver or the oncologist who we see at our most desperate and vulnerable. We can never truly know what is going on in someone’s life or what has brought them to this moment. It takes real talent to weave such a tale. This story had it all from family drama, deaths, betrayals, heartbreak and of course the most important element — love.
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  4. Review from OnlineBookClub.org
    When I first started reading this book, I had no idea that it would have a compelling story and provide me with a wealth of knowledge. Because this book is applicable in every way, I was able to learn so many medical industry secrets from it. I was able to learn about the risks associated with betrayal from McDowell’s life. Above all, this book showed me that a guy might be cruel and self-centered, but he can also have love for his family, as Hiram did. Considering how self-centered he was, his love for his kids was quite apparent.
    Every true reader would agree with me that the plot of this book is one of its strongest selling points. It would be wrong to not give the author credit for a job well done given how intriguing and bizarre the plot is. Another aspect of the book that piqued my interest was how well the author handled character development. Another feature of this work that merits attention is the writing style, which gave it a unique voice.
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  5. Review from OnlineBookClub.org
    I’ve never read such a suspenseful and intense book as this. Hiram McDowell is such a perverted sociopath who doesn’t care for anything or anyone but his interests. His indifference sometimes pushed him over the edge, and he sometimes brushed shoulders with those he shouldn’t have. Take his wife, Carole. No matter how much she persevered, Hiram threw it all away. Carole no longer cared, and he would likely have no one to turn to if he found himself in trouble. His unappreciative attitude caused him to double-cross Michael and so many others in his path. The fact that the main character was also the villain in a way made the book unique and set it apart from others I’ve read.
    It would be a cliché to say how good the other aspects of the book were, but they are still worth mentioning. The characters were well-rounded, and it was easy to understand their motivations, except for McDowell, who seemed to be driven by nothing other than his own interests. The suspense was on point and well-sustained throughout the book. I can’t think of any negative aspects of the book. Read the entire review here…

  6. Review from OnlineBookClub.org
    It was a delight to read this inspirational book. The plot of this book is exciting and creative, and it was well-written by the author. The book’s suspense kept the readers engaged while reading the book. Because of this, I was engrossed from the beginning to the end of this book. This book is jam-packed with inspirational quotations and helpful information. I learned a lot about human behavior from reading this book. The conversation between the characters facilitated the plot’s flow. The book was well written and had an appealing, simple layout. I also appreciated how the characters were well-rounded and how each one added something unique to the narrative. Every scenario in this book has a detailed explanation from the author. Dr. Hiram was my favorite character in this book. He learned from his mistakes and sought redemption. He was a strong man and always believed his situation would change.
    Due to the author’s superb plot, I give McDowell a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The novel had engaging conversations and was simple to read. I suggest this book to people searching for motivational reads and gripping drama because of its instructional element. They would enjoy reading this book. Read the entire review here…


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